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Why 123?
"I got a cheaper quote from another inspection company."
Why choose 123?

All home inspectors in the State of Texas are required to be licensed by the state. A condition of that license is that we must meet certain minimum standards. At 123 Home Inspections, we go far beyond the minimum. Keep reading...

Start right here. A company's web site should reflect the attitude of the company. Compare this web site to our competitors'. This is not a standard template website. The layout is unique. Look at the content. We actually use proper English with good spelling and grammar and everything! This is especially important when the final product you're buying is the written report!

The basic home inspection just requires a handful of tools that could be purchased at the local hardware store for less than $100. One of our flashlights cost more than that. (It's rated at 75,000 candela and has a lifetime warranty.) A professional home inspector should have professional grade tools, and we do. From our basic equipment like flashlights, ladders and thermometers, to our more specialized tools like the infrared camera, our tools and equipment are high-quality, professional grade, including the software we use to write the report.

We keep mentioning the report. We don't have to use fancy software. For that matter, we don't have to use a computer at all. Some inspectors will give you a hand-written report, and that's acceptable to TREC. It's not acceptable to us. We use top-of-the line, specialized software. We embed photos in the report next to descriptive text. We give you the information you need to make the final decision on purchasing the home in clear, concise language. Additionally, we give you information you can continue to use after you move in.

    On every inspection we:
  • Test every accessible electrical outlet and fixture, window and door;
  • Record the make and model of installed appliances; and
  • Walk on most roofs, "crawl" most attics and enter all accessible crawlspaces.

Here are some additional free services we offer that the other guys don't:
Infrared Thermography
Home Binder

We are a premier, full-service home inspection company. NOBODY offers a better value for your home inspection dollar.

Your search is over. Finding the best home inspector is as easy as 1-2-3!

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Home Services About Reports InfraRed Why 123?

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